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Charles B. Pyke, Ph.D., Timothy E. Wright, M.Sc., Lawrence D. Bregman, M.S., and The Associated Science Experts offer a variety of highly specialized meteorological, climatological, and environmental, as well as hydrologic and hydrometeorological, services to the legal profession, insurance, government, business, industry, the media, academia, and the general public, including forensic discovery and expert witness testimony, supported by unique expert environmental data modeling and exhibit graphics, for civil litigation and criminal cases throughout the United States and occasionally in Canada or elsewhere.

The unique expert witness specialties of The Associated Science Experts are almost never seen in the discovery performed by other expert witnesses.

Our expert witness testimony nearly always convinces attorneys and judges, as well as juries!  

OUR RATES ARE REASONABLE AND COMPETITIVE, and our expert testimony is highly professional -- we are always very well prepared and totally confident, and are never intimidated by opposing attorneys.  Our opinions are supported by discovery using the very latest technology.  Yet our presentations are completely understood by each attorney, by the judge, and by each jury member.   

Charles B. Pyke, Ph.D. is the Principal Scientist and Primary Expert Witness Meteorologist of The Associated Science Experts.

Timothy E. Wright, M.Sc. is an Expert Witness Meteorologist and Environmental Data Presentation Expert of The Associated Science Experts.

Lawrence D. Bregman, M.S. is an Expert Witness Meteorologist and the  Primary Air Quality Specialist of The Associated Science Experts.

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Our Associated Science Experts Meteorologists frequently serve as teams of two or three experts during the discovery phases or a case, and in the preparation of any requested written and illustrated reports.  In cases involving flooding or other hydrologic issues, our primary  Associated Science Experts hydrologic engineer, Dr. William J. Trott, P.E., will usually join our team [see Other Experts paragraph below].

Some of the meteorological / climatological elements and related hydrologic and environmental conditions that our experts investigate include:

Black Ice, including black ice on asphalt, concrete, and other surfaces.  

Dew, including dew on grass, artificial turf, sidewalks, and metal.  

Dust storms  Sand storms  Sudden wind gusts  Dust devils  Haboobs. 

Sun glare  Sunrise  Sunset  Sun angle  Twilight  Cloud cover.  Haze.

Dense fog  Rain  Snow  Strong wind  Freezing rain  Blowing snow  Blizzards.

Floods  Flash floods  Avalanches  Landslides  Mudslides  Debris flow.

Wind drift of improperly or illegally applied pesticides at upwind locations.

Evapotranspiration or sublimation from water, soil, or paved surfaces, crops, and forests.

Lightning  Hail  Monsoons  Microbursts  Severe thunderstorms  Tornadoes  Hurricanes.

Soil and water turbidity, algae, or pollution -- brought on, or assisted by, drought, floods, or extreme temperatures.

Extreme temperature (high or low)  Extreme humidity  Drought  Climate change.

Civil twilight  Moonrise  Moonset  Moon phase  Lunar brilliance.

Frequency analysis of evapotranspiration or of precipitation and other meteorological elements. 

Some of the unique expert witness specialties of The Associated Science Experts are listed on [click on] our Specialties Page

Other cases requiring meteorological and hydrologic expert witnesses include:

Vehicular accidents on wet, snowy, or icy roadways.

Road closures resulting from flooding, washouts, landslides, avalanches, or blown-down trees.

Vehicles trapped or washed away by floods or flash floods, often resulting in injury or death to the occupants.

Wind-caused injuries or death, such as blowing objects or falling trees, including injuries from objects hurled by dust devils.

Lightning strikes, resulting in personal injury or death.

Property damage or destruction, resulting from wind, rain, snow, hail, lightning, mudslides, landslides, or wind-blown fire.

Wrongful death issues, stemming from alleged negligent operation of a vehicle or machinery in bad weather, negligent maintenance of property or trees, etc.

Crop or livestock loss resulting from wind, excessive rain or snow, floods, drought, freezes, excessive blowing sand, wind-blown fire, or extreme high temperatures.

Crop or livestock loss resulting from soil or water turbidity or pollution brought on by drought, floods, mud or debris flows, ash from large fires, or dust storms.

Crop or livestock loss resulting from wind drift of pesticides, allegedly applied improperly or illegally at upwind locations.

Numerous other weather-related fatalities, injuries, property damage, agricultural loss (crop and/or livestock), or other losses.

Various cases in which there is an indirect connection or relationship to weather conditions, or to cloud cover, sun glare, sunrise, sunset, twilight, or moonlight. 

Other Experts.  Dr. Pyke, Mr. Wright, and Mr. Bregman also work with Expert Hydrologic Engineer Dr. William J. Trott, P.E. and other hydrologic engineers, as well as with our other Associated Science Experts, which include environmental scientists, geotechnical engineers, and entomologists.  Combinations of these experts often serve as a team of three or four expert witnesses on cases involving:

Floods generated by heavy rain and/or snow melt.

Mud flows and landslides from rain-soaked hills.

Landslides, slope failure, or liquefaction from earthquakes.

Avalanches resulting from excessive snowfall, plus rain and/or strong wind.

Trees blown down, with contributing factors:

Rain-soaked soil around the roots.

Insect-generated disease of roots, trunks, or branches.

Crop damage by wind-borne pesticide applications.

Soil and water contamination resulting from import of debris / oil / trash / toxic chemicals / pesticides by floods or excessive runoff.

Soil and water contamination resulting from drought / stagnation / concentration of toxins and foreign substances.

Other multiple-element phenomena.

Dr. Pyke and our other Associated Science Experts can perform expert witness discovery and testify anywhere in the U.S., plus selected locations outside of the U.S. 

Telephone (888) 786-7696 to discuss how The Associated Science Experts can help you. 

In addition to  forensic discovery and expert witness testimony, our experts can provide, as requested: 

Certified weather, wind, precipitation, and storm data from the National Climatic Data Center.

Authentic sunrise, sunset, solar angle, civil twilight, moonrise, moonset, moon phase, and other data  from the U.S. Naval Observatory.

High-density coverage of wind, precipitation, evapotranspiration, satellite, radar, and flood data from multi-petabyte GIS-capable data base.

Expert data analysis;  broadcast-quality data graphing and mapping, pinpoint data interpolation, and presentation quality data tabulation.

Soil and water quality sampling, testing, and monitoring for forensic cases.

Visits to sites of crimes, accidents, floods, fires, wind damage, etc. 

Scientific investigation of evidence.

Consultation with attorneys and other experts.

Preparation of reports, tables, Power Point charts and maps, leading to court trial exhibits, as requested.


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