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The Forensic Science Experts offer a variety of highly specialized meteorological and climatological, as well as hydrologic and environmental, services to the legal profession, insurance, government, business, industry, the media, academia, and the general public, including forensic discovery and expert witness testimony, supported by unique expert environmental data modeling and exhibit graphics, for civil litigation and criminal cases throughout the United States and occasionally in Canada or elsewhere.

The unique expert witness specialties of The Forensic Science Experts, including our advanced numerical modeling and scientific field measurement and field experiment specialties, are almost never seen in the discovery performed by other expert witnesses.

Charles B. Pyke, Ph.D. is the Principal Scientist and Primary Expert Witness Meteorologist of The Forensic Science Experts.

Timothy E. Wright, M.Sc. is an Expert Witness Meteorologist and Environmental Data Modeling and Presentation Expert of The Forensic Science Experts.

Lawrence D. Bregman, M.S. is an Expert Witness Meteorologist and the  Primary Air Quality Specialist of The Forensic Science Experts.

Charles B. Pyke, Ph.D., the Principal Scientist and an Expert Witness Meteorologist of The Forensic Science Experts., is a highly experienced, well-known expert in his field.  His professional experience as a meteorologist and climatologist dates back several decades, including nearly 30 years as an Expert Witness.  Dr. Pyke was born in Southern California, where he grew up and attended UCLA, majoring in Meteorology, and earning his Bachelor's, then his Master's and Ph.D. under history's most renown meteorologist, Dr. J. Bjerknes.  After that, Dr. Pyke's four-year post-doctoral study under Prof. Bjerknes pioneered the effects of El Niňo and La Niňa on seasonal precipitation patterns from Southern California eastward to Georgia and Florida.

Dr. Pyke has been an Expert Witness on hundreds of civil litigation and criminal cases as a court-qualified expert witness since 1989.  He has testified in several dozen trials and in even more depositions.  For a detailed CV of Dr. Pyke, go to   [Contact (888) 786-7696]

Timothy E. Wright, M.Sc., an Expert Witness Atmospheric Scientist and Meteorologist, and the Environmental Data Presentation Expert, of The Forensic Science Experts, grew up in California and worked as a Meteorologist in California.  He earned his B.S. in Meteorology from Utah State University and his M.Sc. in Atmospheric Sciences from Indiana University.  Tim has been a Forensic Meteorologist for more than 16 years, with many cases as a Designated Expert Witness, some of which led to depositions and court trial testimony. 

Timothy Wright is a foremost expert witness on the subject of black ice or dew formation on asphalt (a very tricky item to determine), as well as on concrete, gravel, granite, wood, metal, grass, and other surfaces ....  through his scientific field measurements and modeling of temperatures of asphalt and other surfaces, and the temperatures of the soil beneath the surface material.

Mr. Wright is also highly skilled in weather modeling and multi-year weather outlooks, evaporation and evapotranspiration, and computer graphics of environmental and geophysical data.  Tim's multi-petabyte (multi-million-gigabyte) data base extends back to 1948.  Mr. Wright judiciously quality controls all of his data, and prepares computerized graphs and maps of dense networks of rainfall, snowfall, wind, temperature, fog, dust, and other weather elements around a forensic site, along with Google Earth photographs and animated radar and satellite charts, to provide the finest possible Power Point court trial exhibits available.  [Contact (888) 786-7696]

Lawrence D. Bregman, M.S., is our resident Southern California Meteorologist of The Forensic Science Experts.  He is our primary Air Quality Specialist and a Forensic Expert Witness for nearly all other climatological and meteorological issues.  Larry earned his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Atmospheric Sciences at UCLA, and was employed as a Meteorologist by the RAND Corporation and Southern California Edison Company for numerous years, before joining Dr. Pyke in private sector meteorology in 1989. 

Mr. Bregman is an experienced weather forecaster, especially on energy-related and air quality applications, and has testified in court trials as an Expert Witness Meteorologist on a number of civil litigation cases.  Larry has lived and worked in Southern California his entire life, including a 44-year professional meteorology career.

Mr. Bregman has also earned Real Estate and Building Inspection licenses.  He has been a licensed professional Building Inspector for more than a decade and a California building code specialist.   [Contact (760) 684-5761]   

Some of the meteorological elements and related atmospheric, hydrologic, and environmental conditions which our experts investigate include:

Black Ice, including black ice on asphalt, concrete, and other surfaces.  

Dew, including dew on grass, artificial turf, sidewalks, and metal.  

Dust storms  Sand storms  Sudden wind gusts  Dust devils  Haboobs. 

Sun glare  Sunrise  Sunset  Sun angle  Twilight  Cloud cover.  Haze.

Dense fog  Rain  Snow  Strong wind  Freezing rain  Blowing snow  Blizzards.

Floods  Flash floods  Avalanches  Landslides  Mudslides  Debris flow.

Evapotranspiration or sublimation from water, soil, or paved surfaces, crops, and forests.

Lightning  Hail  Monsoons  Microbursts  Severe thunderstorms  Tornadoes  Hurricanes.

Soil and water turbidity, algae, or pollution -- brought on, or assisted by, drought, floods, or extreme temperatures.

Extreme temperature (high or low)  Extreme humidity  Drought  Climate change.

Civil twilight  Moonrise  Moonset  Moon phase  Lunar brilliance.

Frequency analysis of evapotranspiration or of precipitation and other meteorological elements. 

Some unique expert witness specialties of The Forensic Science Experts* -- almost never found in any discovery performed by other experts --  are listed below.  Each item (in bold) is followed by unique specialized expert witness discovery procedures performed by The Forensic Science Experts -- sometimes involving modeling and experiments -- and all  leading to the most accurate opinions possible in each forensic case.

Personal Injury:  Slip and fall on black ice in asphalt parking lots and other surfaces.

Field measurements, modeling, and experiments on asphalt surface temperatures, leading to precise opinions.

Personal Injury:  Slip and fall on wet grass or artificial turf (from dew, rain, or melted frost / snow / ice, or from sprinklers or other watering) .

In-depth analysis and modeling of the formation and evaporation of rain or dew, by the minute, based on temperature, dew point, wind, sun, and shadows.

Personal Injury:  Slip and fall on wet or icy driveways, sidewalks, and other surfaces (from dew, rain, or melted frost / snow/ ice, or from sprinklers).

Precise calculations and modeling of water or ice formation and evaporation to within minutes of the fall.

Personal injury:  Being struck by chairs, umbrellas, and other items blown by sudden strong wind gusts, including dust devils.

Pinpoint calculation, in space and time, and modeling of local wind eddies, including dust devils.

Personal Injury and vehicle damage:  Vehicular accidents in sun glare, especially sun glare made worse by haze and / /or  high clouds.  

Google Earth photos.  Pinpoint calculation of sun's elevation and azimuth (E-S-W-N position), as well as the effects of haze and clouds on glare at accident time.  

Personal injury and vehicle damage:  Multi-vehicle accidents in pockets of dense fog or severe blowing dust and / or sand.

Google Earth photos.  Satellite photos of dust or fog at time of accident.  Pinpoint detailed accuracy of visibility at the point of each such accident.  

Personal injury and property damage (accidents, general water damage, crop loss):   Unusually heavy local downpours or large general storms and floods.

Precise locations and timing of peak short-term rain or sustained general rain over large areas.  Frequency analysis of maximum rain from 5 minutes to 30 days.

Property damage:  Roof leaks after strong wind gusts tear away tarp or shingles, and rain enters the building.

Precise timing of wind and rain data from dense network of stations, interpolated directly to site with pinpoint accuracy.

Fires:  Wind-blown trees that knock down power lines, sparking fires that can spread and cause property damage and personal injury, sometimes fatal.

Precise location and timing of wind, temperature, and humidity data to the site of the downed power lines, and subsequently to the areas of spreading fire.

Crop damage:  Loss of fruit crop from wind-driven hail, when fruit trees are in full bloom and are stripped.

Pinpoint analysis of the wind and hail, and their coincidence on the day of the event.  Determination of the frequency / return period, or rarity, of such a storm event.

Crop damage:  Loss of fruit or vegetable crop from a spring freeze, or a late fall freeze that damages-ripening vegetables, such as tomatoes or corn.   

Precise analysis of air and ground temperatures before and during the freeze event.  Frequency / return period, or rarity, of such a late-season freeze event.

            * including Meteorologist, Environmental Data Presentation Expert, and Advanced Numerical Modeling Specialist, Timothy E. Wright, M.Sc. (see Mr. Wright's brief bio above).

Other cases requiring meteorological and hydrologic expert witnesses, plus expert data modeling & analysis and graphical trial exhibit presentation, include:

Vehicular accidents on wet, snowy, or icy roadways.

Road closures resulting from flooding, washouts, landslides, avalanches, or blown-down trees.

Vehicles trapped or washed away by floods or flash floods, often resulting in injury or death to the occupants. 

Wind-caused injuries or death, such as blowing objects or falling trees, including injuries from objects hurled by dust devils.

Lightning strikes, resulting in personal injury or death.

Property damage or destruction, resulting from wind, rain, snow, hail, lightning, mudslides, landslides, or wind-blown fire.

Wrongful death issues, stemming from alleged negligent operation of a vehicle or machinery in bad weather, negligent maintenance of property or trees, etc.

Crop or livestock loss resulting from wind, excessive rain or snow, floods, drought, freezes, excessive blowing sand, wind-blown fire, or extreme high temperatures.

Crop or livestock loss resulting from soil or water turbidity or pollution brought on by drought, floods, mud or debris flows, ash from large fires, or dust storms.

Numerous other weather-related fatalities, injuries, property damage, agricultural loss (crop and/or livestock), or other losses.

Various cases in which there is an indirect connection or relationship to weather conditions, or to cloud cover, sun glare, sunrise, sunset, twilight, or moonlight. 

Other Experts.  Dr. Pyke, Mr. Wright, and Mr. Bregman also work with Expert Hydrologic Engineer Dr. William J. Trott, P.E. [contact (760) 868-8699] and other hydrologic engineers, as well as with our other Forensic Science Experts, which include climatologists, environmental scientists, geotechnical engineers, geohydrologists, hydrogeologists, and entomologists.  Combinations of these experts often serve as a trio or quartet of expert witnesses. on cases involving:

Floods generated by heavy rain and/or snow melt.

Mud flows and landslides from rain-soaked hills.

Landslides, slope failure, or liquefaction from earthquakes.

Avalanches resulting from excessive snowfall, plus rain and/or strong wind.

Trees blown down, with contributing factors:

Rain-soaked soil around the roots.

Insect-generated disease of roots, trunks, or branches.

Crop damage by wind-borne pesticide applications.

Soil and water contamination resulting from import of debris / oil / trash / toxic chemicals / pesticides by floods or excessive runoff.

Soil and water contamination resulting from drought / stagnation / concentration of toxins and foreign substances.

Other multiple-element phenomena.

In addition to  forensic discovery and expert witness testimony, our experts can provide, as requested: 

Certified weather, wind, precipitation, and storm data from the National Climatic Data Center.

Authentic sunrise, sunset, solar angle, civil twilight, moonrise, moonset, moon phase, and other data  from the U.S. Naval Observatory.

High-density coverage of wind, precipitation, evapotranspiration, satellite, radar, and flood data from multi-petabyte GIS-capable data base.

Expert data analysis;  broadcast-quality data graphing and mapping, pinpoint data interpolation, and presentation quality data tabulation.

Soil and water quality sampling, testing, and monitoring for forensic cases.

Visits to sites of crimes, accidents, floods, fires, wind damage, etc. 

Scientific investigation of evidence.

Consultation with attorneys and other experts.

Preparation of reports, tables, Power Point charts and maps, leading to court trial exhibits, as requested.


Research and Development.  Dr. Pyke, Mr. Wright, and Mr. Bregman are all research meteorologists and climatologists of The Forensic Science Experts.  Dr. Trott is also a research hydrologic engineer of The Forensic Science Experts.

These and our other science and engineering colleagues can perform a great variety of research and studies in:

Theoretical and applied meteorology, hydrometeorology, and climatology, including advances in evapotranspiration applications.

Theoretical and applied hydrology and hydrologic engineering.

Theoretical and applied geology, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, oceanography, entomology, and other sciences and engineering.

The website for The Forensic Science Experts is:


Weather Forecasts and Outlooks.  Dr. Pyke, Mr. Wright, and  Mr. Bregman are also experienced weather forecasters and long-range weather outlook specialists of The Forensic Science Experts.  We provide specialized weather forecasts for film production, the media, construction, agriculture, and numerous other clients, plus seasonal and multi-seasonal weather outlooks -- all managed and distributed by American Weather & Earth Sciences, LLC.

The website for American Weather & Earth Sciences, LLC is:


Environmental Services.  Dr. Pyke, Mr. Wright, and Mr. Bregman, are all research meteorologists / climatologists, and environmental scientists of  Environmental Science & Energy, Inc. 

The services of Environmental Science & Energy, Inc. include, among other services:

Environmental Services Division:

Site assessments, EIR, EIS, feasibility studies, world-wide.  New-technology scientific instruments.  Climate change modeling.

Renewable Energy Division:

Wind farm site evaluation.  Site assessments in support of renewable energy projects, world-wide.  Small-stream hydroelectric energy. 

High-efficiency solar panels.  Ocean wave, current, and tidal energy, world-wide.

Water Resources Division:

Evapotranspiration / sublimation modeling and projections, world-wide.  Water budget management and water reclamation, world-wide.     

Soil & water quality sampling / testing.  Ocean water desalination, world-wide. Remote-reporting flood warning & environmental monitoring systems, world-wide.

Environmental Data Division:  

GIS-capable environmental data from a multi-petabyte (multi-million-gigabyte) data base.  Expert data analysis, mapping, graphing, and animation.

Expert Witness Division:  

Forensic environmental discovery and expert witness testimony in depositions and court trials.  Preparation of Power Point exhibits for trials and depositions.

Information and Education Division:  

Certified hazardous materials (HAZMAT) Training.  Interactive online scientific seminars and classes.  DVD, TV, and Internet documentaries.  Public lectures.

Research and Studies Division:

Research into the serious air and water pollution problems in China, India, and elsewhere.  Frequency analysis of rain, snow, wind, and evapotranspiration.  

Environmental sciences, renewable energy, water supply, evapotranspiration, drought, and desalination feasibility research. 

For more details about the services of Environmental Science & Energy, Inc. go to:  

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