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The Associated Science Experts offer a large variety of scientific and engineering services, including Expert Witness Discovery and Testimony in forensic cases (civil and criminal). 

Our unique specialties include advanced expert analysis, modeling, and experiments* involving items such as personal injury from black ice, dew, heavy rain, dust devils, sun glare, and dense fog, plus property damage from roof leaks caused by wind and rain, as well as personal injury and property damage from fires sparked by wind-downed power lines, and crop damage from wind, hail, and off-season freezes  -- specialties not seen in the discovery of other experts.

* primarily by Associated Science Experts Meteorologist, Advanced Numerical Modeling Specialist, and Environmental Data Presentation Expert, Timothy E. Wright, M.Sc.

Charles B. Pyke, Ph.D., is the Principal Scientist and the Primary Expert Witness Climatologist and Meteorologist of The Associated Science Experts.  He is well-known and highly experienced in his field.  Dr. Pyke has been a court-qualified Expert Witness in hundreds of cases since 1989, and has testified in court trials dozens of times and in depositions in even more cases.  His case experience involves civil litigation (almost equally divided between plaintiff and defense), and criminal cases (both prosecution and defense), including some high-profile cases, such as the O.J. Simpson, Linda Sobek, and David Westerfield murder trials.  [Contact (888) 786-7696]

Timothy E. Wright, M.Sc., is an Expert Witness Climatologist and Meteorologist, Evapotranspiration Expert, Soil and Water Quality Expert, and Environmental Data Expert of The Associated Science Experts.  He is experienced in forensic meteorology and has testified in depositions and in court as a Designated Expert Witness.  Tim is especially experienced with modeling and testifying about black ice and dew formation on asphalt, concrete, wood, grass, and metal.  Mr. Wright has access to a vast (multi-petabyte, or multi-million-gigabyte) historical Geographical Information System (GIS) - capable geophysical and environmental data base, world-wide, dating from 1948 to the present.  He is a weather modeling specialist and a computer graphics specialist.  Tim is able to select and quality control a dense network of rainfall, wind, and temperature / dew point stations surrounding any forensic case incident site, and graph and map the weather conditions at and surrounding that site, along with animated weather radar & satellite charts, advanced modeling, and scientific field measurements and field experiments, as well as Google Earth photos of an incident scene -- all into top-level Power Point exhibits for depositions and court trials.  Mr. Wright  is also a soil and water quality sampling and testing expert.   [Contact (888) 786-7696]

Lawrence D. Bregman, M.S., is our resident Southern California Meteorologist of The Associated Science Experts.  He is our primary Air Quality Specialist and a Forensic Expert Witness for nearly all other climatological and meteorological issues.  Larry earned his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences at UCLA, and was employed as a Meteorologist by the RAND Corporation and Southern California Edison Company for numerous years, before joining Dr. Pyke in private sector meteorology in 1989. 

Mr. Bregman is an experienced weather forecaster, especially on energy-related and air quality applications, and has testified in court trials as an Expert Witness Meteorologist on a number of civil litigation cases.  Larry, a resident of Arcadia, CA, has lived and worked in Southern California his entire life, including a 44-year professional meteorology career.

Mr. Bregman has also earned Real Estate and Building Inspection licenses.  He has been a licensed professional Building Inspector for more than a decade and a California building code specialist.   [Contact (760) 684-5761]    

Other Experts.  Dr. Pyke, Mr. Wright, and Mr. Bregman all work with other Associated Science Experts, including Hydrologic Engineers Dr. William J. Trott, P.E. [contact (760) 868-8699] and others, plus experts in the fields of meteorology, geology, geotechnical engineering, entomology, and other disciplines.  Most of these experts have distinguished careers in their fields, including forensic discovery and expert witness testimony.  

Some of the meteorological, hydrologic, and environmental elements on which Dr. Pyke, Mr. Wright, Mr. Bregman, Dr. Trott, and others testify include:

Wind  Rain  Hail  Floods and flash floods  Mud flows  Snow  Fog.

Black ice or dew on asphalt, concrete, wood, metal, or grass.

Freezing rain  Blizzards  Haboobs  Dust storms  Sand storms 

Sudden wind gusts and dust devils, blowing large items around, causing injuries. 

Lightning  Severe thunderstorms  Tornadoes  Microbursts  Monsoons.

Frequency analysis of precipitation and other meteorological elements. 

Drought  Extreme temperature  Extreme humidity  Air pollution

Cloud cover  Sun glare  Haze  Sunrise  Sunset.

Civil twilight  Moonrise  Moon phase  Moonset.

Fire generated by power lines blown down by tree branches in strong winds.

Evaporation, evapotranspiration, and sublimation  Pesticide wind drift.

Soil and water turbidity, algae, and pollution from chemicals and debris.

Some of the cases requiring meteorological, hydrologic, and environmental expert witnesses include:

Vehicular accidents on wet, snowy, icy, flooded, or washed out roadways

Persons trapped in flooded or washed away vehicles

Road closures resulting from flooding, washouts, landslides, or blown-down trees

Wrongful death issues, stemming from failure of authorities to close a road that flooded, washed out, or was buried by a landslide or avalanche

Vehicular accidents in dense fog, blowing dust or sand, or sun glare

Wrongful death issues, stemming from alleged negligent operation of a vehicle or machinery, negligent maintenance of property or trees, etc.

Lightning strikes, resulting in personal injury or death

Slip and fall on black ice, snow, or wet pavement

Wind-caused injuries or death, such as blowing objects or falling trees

Property damage or destruction, including roof leaks, resulting from wind, rain, snow, hail, lightning, wind-blown fire, landslides, or avalanches

Crop loss resulting from wind, excessive rain or snow, floods, drought, freezes, excessive blowing sand, wind-blown fire, or extreme high temperatures

Crop loss resulting from wind drift of pesticides allegedly applied improperly or illegally at upwind locations

Crop loss and water supply contamination from water pollution by toxic chemicals, oil, sewage, animal waste, junk metal and plastics, and pesticides

Numerous other weather-related fatalities, injuries, property or crop damage, or other losses


Dr. Pyke and our other Associated Science Experts can perform expert witness discovery and testify anywhere in the U.S., plus selected locations outside of the U.S. 

Telephone (888) 786-7696 to discuss how The Associated Science Experts can help you. 

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